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rocas's Journal

28 July
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Guess this is where I need to write a bit about me.
I’m twenty-two years old, mostly male, and a student.

I’m studying for a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Politics.
My specialist areas include Witchcraft, the Occult, Crime and Punishment and Social relations. In politics my specialist area is political literature and anarchist political theory. I'm currently on leave until September.

I became a Christian aged 16.

I live in Eastbourne at the moment. Because of my parent’s employment I moved around a lot.

This journal is friends only – there are a lot of reasons why, just leave a comment to be added. I'm aware some people have discovered this journal who did not know of its existance - this is my private space - and please respect that.

'Faith is something you will die for. Doctrine is something you will kill for. There is a world of difference between the two...' Tony Benn, British Labour politican (1925- )

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